It’s color! Color that holds the key! I can hear the colors. Listen to them. Every time I step outside I feel nature is shouting at me. “Come on! Come and get me!” “Come on! Come on! Capture my mystery!”



i hope iphone 6 is a flip phone

It’s 2 iPhones connected with a hinge and when you close it both screens smack together and crack.


Don’t tell me this wasn’t planned


Don’t tell me this wasn’t planned

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OITNB MEME | (1/8) inmates

→ Miss Claudette Pelage

Hope is a dangerous thing.

Series 5 + Scenery

orphan black meme | 1/2 clones: helena

"When I was seven, the nuns said I had devils inside me. Sister Olga locked me in cellar. She gave me darkness. So, I gave her darkness."